The 7 most important trading rules – learn to trade. Here I show the most important trading rules. To be permanently profitable in Forex trading. Are you a beginner or would you like to improve your trading skills? The following rules will support you in forex trading. Because there is only one person in focus when trading: You. Therefore, in addition to the rules, a look at the psyche is very important. It is not without reason that not all people act according to the same trading strategy.

You should incorporate these rules into your trading:

The 7 most important trading rules – learn to trade

That is the decisive factor to operate profitably in the long term. Without discipline you will not be able to be successful in this market over the long term. Always act according to the selected trading setup. And avoid falling into overtrading. Otherwise this will have a negative impact on your trading performance.

Trading setup – choose your trading strategy
The worst that can happen to you? Act on instinct. A “strategy” that will definitely go wrong at some point. You always have to be clear: When is a trade opened? Under what situation is the trade closed again? Avoid hectic, ill-considered actions.

Losses are an integral part
You have to be able to lose too. Losses are part of trading like profits. So you have to accept this too.

Money management
In addition to timeframes and trading setup, you should also consider the following: How much capital do you have available? How can you distribute this capital sensibly? What are the risk parameters?

Risk management
The focus here is on the individual trade. What is the risk-reward ratio (CRV)? What is being risked per trade? Where do you set your stop loss? Never trade without a stop loss!

In addition to discipline, the decisive factor. No matter how good the strategy is. You have to apply them patiently and wait. Wait for the right setup. A trade is only opened when there are suitable trading opportunities for the trading strategy.

All of these rules are also there to avoid acting emotionally. If you follow all of these rules you shouldn’t have a problem with trading.


These trading rules are very important and should always be followed. This is the only way to act profitably and successfully in long term. You should give yourself the necessary time. In order to be able to learn to trade in peace. Acquire the necessary knowledge. Always act according to certain rules and characteristics.

As a beginner, you often want to start right away. Often you burn money first. It is more sustainable to acquire the necessary trading knowledge first. To do this, you have to learn to trade. For example through training. So that you can trade successfully and permanently profitable.

Choose a trading strategy that suits you. Depending on the time and character, swing trading, day trading or scalping are suitable.

We are happy to help you find the right trading strategy: