That’s why you’re not profitable in trading! Make money by trading. This desire of many people often quickly turns into wishful thinking. After the first wins, losses follow. The entire capital is quickly gone. But why?

There are several reasons to fail in trading!
You get the feeling trading is really easy. It is definitely possible to make money trading. But it’s not easy to get to that level. And not overnight. It’s like any other job. You have to learn it and you need a good education. Then you can make your experiences and get better and better. Until you can trade profitably.

Vocational training lasts up to 3 years. But learning to trade should be completed in 3 days?
You don’t become a professional trader within a few days. You also need training here that creates the foundation. It brings you the knowledge that will stay forever. Once learned, you can always use it!

What are the main reasons you are not trading profitably yet?

  • You are not sticking to your trading strategy. Every successful trader chooses his entries according to a profitable trading strategy. Never deviate from your strategy!
  • Close trades immediately. The trade is slightly positive. You close it immediately. Because you are afraid he could otherwise go into the red and bring in losses. With this attitude you will not be successful in the long run. Because this increases your risk. Because you need more new entries and consequently you have to open more trades. Set a suitable stop loss and let the trade “run”.
  • Overtrading. The absolute killer. Don’t open trades out of boredom or greed. But only if the market fits your strategy. Be there when the market is. Not because you feel like trading right now.
  • Bring in emotions! Made losses? Deal with it! Made a profit and freaked out? Emotions bring losses. Losing trades are part of it and must leave you cold. Likewise, profits must not tempt you to greed.
  • Stay tuned. Many give up too quickly. There are also loss phases. Nobody just makes a profit. The right mindset and a profitable trading strategy will bring you step by step to your goal.

We will teach you our know-how in LIVE sessions and work with you to analyze good entry opportunities in the forex market: