Swing trading describes the long-term trading of a complete movement (swing). The trading positions are therefore usually held for several days. The trade is closed later than with scalping or day trading.

Why is swing trading suitable for working people?

As a employe you only have a limited amount of time to trade. It is therefore difficult to implement short-term trading ideas. In this case, it is much more suitable to rely on longer-term analyzes and trades.

The advantages of swing trading:

  • Slower market movements give more time to react
  • Analyzes can be done in the evening after work
  • Trades can be prepared in the evening or in the morning before work with pending orders

What is a swing and which time units are traded?
You can act relaxed mornings and evenings after work. And let the trades run during working hours. It’s about the “swing”. The market keeps coming to a certain point and then turning around again. You should at least look at the hourly chart (H1). The daily chart is best suited for this trading strategy.

Conclusion: for whom is swing trading worthwhile?
A suitable trading strategy for professionals. Swing trading is also worthwhile for beginners. Because you can hold the trading position for a longer period of time. This gives you enough time to react and lets trades run while you work.

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