There are many day trading brokers on the market. Therefore, I would like to go into it today and show you what to look out for. The day trading broker comparison. Pay attention not only to cheap fees and low swaps. Other points are also important. But let’s look at that in detail.

Day Trading Broker Comparison – What you should know?

Care should be taken to use a trustworthy broker. Safety and service are paramount here. You should definitely pay attention to the following points:

Does the broker even have a license and is therefore subject to certain regulations? Otherwise you have no chance of getting your money later if you have problems. So make sure you are trading with a licensed broker. High security of customer funds. Are these insured and up to what deposit amount? What are the fees and are the trades executed quickly enough?

Many brokers have little or no swap. In return, you will be provided with poorer currency rates. So you end up paying more. So don’t just pay attention to low swap and fees. Brokers who advertise with little or no swap get your money through other channels. It is also important that your trades are executed quickly enough.

Also pay attention to easy deposit and withdrawal of your funds. Bank transfer and credit card are possible. This will make it easier for you later.

And for me, fast and good support is always important. This means that you can be helped quickly and easily.

Day trading broker comparison – how do I find the right broker?

In order to find a reputable broker, make sure that all of the above points are met to your satisfaction. A broker with a license must meet certain requirements. So you should definitely pay attention to this point!


Also pay attention to which trading platform can be traded with. Most day trading brokers offer Metatrader. So you can trade very easily on your smartphone or PC.

A trading account is usually created quickly. So you can trade. Deposits and withdrawals are quick. The fastest way to deposit is usually with a credit card. However, due to the money laundering law, payments must also be made again via the same route. Everyone should be aware of that. The amount can therefore not be paid in by bank transfer and later paid out using another credit card.

Apart from the points already mentioned, the support was also very important to me in the day trading broker comparison. So that you can easily reach them fast via chat, email or phone.

So if all of the above points are met, you’re good to go.

Good luck for your trading!